Bloomsbury - Famouse for the Bloomsbury Set - The British Museum - Tranquil Parks & Grand Mansions, Georgian Terraces and some of London's Finest Architecture. The historic site of our office. Apartments & Houses Rental & Sales, Commercial & investment.

St Pancras - The Renaissance Hotel "Best in the UK" International Station, a Victorian Master peice. Eurostar to Paris in 2 hours 15 minutes, Brussels in less than 2 hours.

Covent Garden - The Royal Opera, Covered Market, Pubs & Shops, Busker's & Top quality Street Musicians, many Theatres, just a short walk to Leicester Square "It has it all".

Clerkenwell - Regenerated and Cool - Smithfeild Market, A pint at 5.30 am. It is said that Vladimir Lenin and a young Joseph Stalin met in the Crown and Anchor pub (now known as The Crown Tavern) on Clerkenwell Green when the latter was visiting London in 1903 .

Fetter lane is a street in the ward of Farringdon in the City of London . It forms part of the A4 road and runs between Fleet Street at its southern end and New Fetter Lane , which continues north towards Holborn Circus .

St Pauls The Christopher Wren Masterpiecethat needs no introductionand as it has dominated this part of London's skyline since 1710.



Kings Cross